Keri Beach -Peaceful and Happening beach in North Goa

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Kerim Beach

Keri Beach, more so-known as Querim Beach, is situated in North Goa. The beach happens to be one of Goa’s northernmost beaches, which is situated near the estuary of ‘Terekol’.

Keri Beach is very near to Terekol Fort. Terekol Fort and Kerim Beach are situated on opposite banks of the Terekol River.

About Keri Beach

Kerim Beach is one the most serene looking beaches with tall pine trees lined up all along the beachfront. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa.

Beach is untouched by mass tourism, except for weekends, when locals from nearby towns sometimes drop in for a picnic.

The beach comprises a long stretch of sand with rocky outcrops, a river inlet, and rows of trees.

Visitors are freely enjoying the sunrise and to take photos of the shoreline.

Walk along the 2 km of peaceful shoreline and take a seat under the pine trees to catch your breath in the shade. After a refreshing splash in the rolling waves, find a tranquil location for sunbathing.

Keri Beach from Terekhol Fort

Kerim Beach

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Ajoba Temple

There are no around this secluded beach within the 300 meters range.

The houses that are here are all-around 200 hundred years old except for one Ajoba Temple, which is very ancestral.

This makes the area very calm and peaceful, allowing visitors privacy and quiet relaxing time.

Places to visit near Keri Beach

Terekhol Fort

Terekhol Fort

Terekhol Fort, a prestigious Goan fort, also known to the public by the name Tiracol is a perfectly structured fort geographically located on the northern tip of Goa at the mouth of the Terekhol River.

The name Terekhol or Tiracol originated from the Marathi word ‘tir-khol’ which translated into English as the “steep river-bank”. 

The Fort is usually reached by a ferry from Keri. 

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, bordering Keri Beach to the north and Mandrem Beach to its south. Being located 43 km north of Goa’s capital city of Panaji.

The beach attracts many international tourists, mainly during the winter season between November and March.  Arambol has a unique tranquil feel to it, therefore attracting a number of travelers. Arambol beach is a 16-kilometer stretch beach of soft white sand.

Beach is also known to be the greenest beach in the state since its 16-kilometer long shoreline is lined with palm and other trees.

How to reach Kerim Beach

Beach is just 10 km from Arambol and 28 Kms from Panjim. A lot of buses from Mapusa to Arombol terminate at Kerim beach after Arombol. Hiring a cab is the most convenient way if you are not driving by your vehicle.

By Air — The Dabolim Airport is 70 km from Kerim Beach.

By Rail — The Vasco da Gama railway station is 72 km away. Madgaon railway station is 82 km away. However, the closer railway station is Thivim about 42 km away from the Kerim Beach.

By Road — The Beach is 34 km from Mapusa.

Best Hotel Near Keri Beach

Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel

Fort Tiracol to be saved from demolish has been converted into a hotel, the “Fort Tiracol Heritage”.

Talking about the rooms: There are seven new and renovated rooms along with a lovely taste of suites designed with a unique Portuguese perspective.

The interior design of the heritage is contemporary, and as a theme, each is named after the seven days of the week 2 Suites: Friday and Sunday and 5 Deluxe Double Rooms: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. With its limited number of rooms, the hotel offers an intimacy beyond imagination.


If you are a person that likes a little quiet and less noise, then Keri (Querim Beach) may be the perfect destination for your vacation away from noise and confusion of daily living.

A quiet time here can sooth your whole body making you feel refreshed and enlightened on your way back to your daily ways of life. 

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