Arambol Beach – Hidden Place with Sweet Water Lake

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Arambol beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, bordering Keri Beach to the north and Mandrem Beach to its south. Being located 43 km north of Goa’s capital city of Panaji.

Arambol is a popular Goan fisherman village, located approximately 90 minutes away by road from Dabolim Airport. It lies within the Pernem administrative region of North Goa, India. It is also referred to as ‘Harmal’ beach by the local folks in the area.

About Arambol Beach

Arambol BeachThe beach attracts many international tourists, mainly during the winter season between November and March.  Arambol has a unique tranquil feel to it, therefore attracting a number of travelers. Arambol beach is a 16-kilometer stretch beach of soft white sand.

Beach is also known to be the greenest beach in the state since its 16-kilometer long shoreline is lined with palm and other trees. Red hills overlook the Arabian Sea and the beach, and there are a thick forest and a sweet water lake at the northern end of the beach. There is also a famous Banyan Tree at the beach where the famous music band The Beatles had meditated according to a legend.

A beach is a popular place for tourists planning a long-staying and budget holiday at the beach area. Staying at Arambol is still very reasonable and less expensive. At the beach, one can see foreigners singing and playing the Jimba at the Drum Circles. 

There are no star hotels or major resorts at the beach area because the locals at Arambol along with the Goan government have ensured to preserve the character and tranquil atmosphere of Arambol, so that Arambol still has its old Goan cultural charm and fishing village ways of life. There are shacks and restaurants though, which stay open during the peak tourist seasons.

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Things to do at Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach - Hidden Place with Sweet Water Lake

Arambol beach is a lovely place to relax among the coconut trees, under the umbrellas on the sand beds. There is genuinely a much lesser crowd at the beach, which allows you to salvage more privacy among yourselves. You can play football or enjoy a bit of beach cricket on the white sand.

During the main tourist season, you will notice a flea market that comes out at the beach every evening. You will find a lot of exotic, arty, and fancy, exquisite stuff here along with more simple handmade and handicraft material. 

The shacks along the beach organize fire shows for their guests, and they even have a bonfire set out at the beach where you can sit around and enjoy a meal or a drink. The shacks also have the famous ‘ Jimba’ music, which you can dance to and have a merry time with your family or friends.  

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Paragliding at Arambol

Arambol beach, unlike the other beaches at Goa, offers an exceptional experience of paragliding. The take-off point is just north of the beach, and you will experience the most heavenly feeling paragliding down from there. Apart from Paragliding, there is also a surfing class held at the beach for newcomers and tourists to learn to surf while they stay at the beach. 

However, the most amazing thing about Arambol beach is admiring the sunset from the mountains just around the beach area. A trail will carry you to the top of the mountain where you can relax and breathe in the air.

Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Arambol Sweet LakeArambol Sweet Water Lake is called Vagkolam Lake. However, the residents and tourists best know it as “the Sweet Lake”. It is considered one of its kind and is the only lake with freshwater in all of Goa. The Goans consider the lake as a national property with crucial historical value. 

Story behind Arambol sweet water lake

This Lake is so mythical that it even has its legend tale surrounding it. The legend of the Arambol Sweet Water Lake is the story of the Pandavas brothers, during their long expulsion, they arrived to Arambol, part of the Goan coast.

It is said that at midnight the 5 brothers were singing the hymn “Khar Khar Makhadev”, that’s from where came the name Kharmal came from.

Under the influence of the European languages, it was transformed to Arambol. Makhadev is a reincarnation of God Shiva. And the lake is called Vagkolam because two centuries ago in the nearby caves there lived tigers.

Clay blocks near sweet water lake

It’s not only the legend that makes this lake a famous place, Other values too surrounding the lake bring it more importance.

For example, there are nearby clay blocks. The locals and tourists unanimously claim that this clay possesses magically health-improving properties.

People moisten the pieces of clay in water, then coat their whole body with this suspension, wait some time until its dried well and at last wash it off with lake water.

They say that this clay contains the sulfides that help cleaning the skin deeply.

Banyan tree near sweet water lake

Also, in the jungle, there is a well-known banyan under which allegedly meditated the ‘Beatles’ during their mysterious unconfirmed travel across India.

This myth is used by enterprising locals. Now under the banyan, it is always possible to find the wise elderly man spending time meditating under the quiet hustle of birds fluttering about.

Folks who sit around the meditating guru and seek help for their problems and wait to be enlightened.

The Vagkolam Lake has a very interesting form. If to see on a map, in its outlines it is possible to recognize the silhouette of a playing dolphin or a whale.

The lake is supplied by hot springs, that is why the sweet-salty water gets very pleasant temperature, and sand at the bottom is even warmer.

Exact location of Sweet Lake is on Kalacha or Paliem beach which lies in the north from the main Arambol beach, behind the hill.


Staying at Arambol beach 

The only accommodation at and around the beach, are huts, cottages, homestays, guest houses, and villas.

The prices are cheaper than most other beaches in Goa.

Many tourists at Arambol are long-stayers who are looking for economy-class accommodation.

Do not expect luxurious 5-Star hotels over here, since this place is meant to be quiet and peaceful, and any big hotel may disrupt the peaceful environment at Arambol. 

Arambol Beach Shaks

Café Maitree

Timing: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Speciality: Live Music, Outdoor seating available and they serve alcohol.

Om Ganesh

Timing: 08:00 am to 10:00 pm

Speciality: Outdoor seating, Free Wifi and breakfast is also available.

Contact No: +91 9823557116

Payment Type: Only Cash

Mango Tree

Timing: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Speciality: Outdoor Seating, Free Wifi.

Contact No: +91 8350967624

Payment Type: Only Cash


Timing: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

Speciality: Breakfast, outdoor seating and Free Wifi.

Contact No: +91 9764706200

Payment Type: Only Cash

Out Back

Timing: 08:00 am to 10:30 pm

Speciality: Indoor seating and Free Wifi.

Contact No: +91 9420767367

Payment Type: Only Cash

Eyes of Buddha

Timing: 8:30 am to 12:00 at midnight

Speciality: Breakfast, outdoor seating and Free Wifi.

Places to visit near Arambol Beach

Querim Beach1. Kerim Beach

Querim Beach more so known as ‘Kerim Beach’ is situated in North Goa. The beach happens to be one of Goa’s northern most beaches which is situated near the estuary of ‘Terekol’. The beach comprises of a long stretch of sand with a few rocky outcrops, rows of trees and a river inlet. Visitors are free to enjoy the sunrise and to take photos of the shoreline on the almost deserted beach.


Terekhol Fort2. Terekhol Fort

The Fort was build by Khem Sawant Bhonsle who was King of Sawantwadi in 17th century. It is 45 km from Panjim



Mandrem Beach3. Mandrem Beach

Morjim beach is by far, one of the most talked about beaches in Goa. This beautiful, heaven of a beach is situated on the Chapora River estuary in the northern river bank. Morjim beach unlike the other crowded beaches of North of Goa, is a much quieter and more peaceful sort of place. It’s also called “little Russia” in modern times. The Dabolim international airport is 51 kms from Morjim

How do I get to Arambol beach?

By Air

The Dabolim airport is 59.2 kms from Arambol. 


By Rail 

The closest railhead is Pernem, which is 16.8 kms away. The Thivim railway station is at a distance of 26.8 kms.


By Road 

The state capital Panaji is 35.5 kms from Arambol.


Note: Reaching Arambol by bus can be tricky, especially those coming from the airport. We would suggest maybe catching a taxi from the airport or railway and heading for Arambol beach.

If you prefer going by bus, you can get off at the Panaji bus stand from the airport and from then on hire a taxi or rent a car from Panaji.

FAQ on Arambol Beach

What is Arambol beach famous for?

Arambol beach is famous for Sweet Water Lake which is located at the end of the adjacent Kakacha Beach

How far is Arambol beach from Calangute?

Road distance between Arambol beach and Calangute beach is 24 km.

How far is Arambol beach from baga beach?

Road distance between Arambol beach and Calangute beach is 23 km.


The most serene place for tourists who are looking to get away from the crowd and enjoy some alone time with family. A very different beach with a very cozy and homely feeling to it.

A lovely place to relax on the sand and experience the greenery of Goa, while bathing in the beautiful Arabian Sea.

Arambol beach remains to have a special place in the heart of Goa, and is still the most beautiful beaches yet! 

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