Important Railway Stations in Goa – How to reach Goa by Train

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Railway Stations in Goa

The state of Goa has around 19 different railway stations spread across its entire area, from the far North to the southern tip. However, we are going to elaborate on the 5 Major Railway Stations in Goa in this informative article.

From the five stations we will present to you, first are the two biggest ones, namely; Margao Station and Vasco-da-Gama Station. These two are both popular and both are stationed in the south of Goa.

Besides these two main stations mentioned above, the other well known and major stations include Karmali Railway Station, Pernem Railway Station, and Thivim Railway Station which are in North Goa.

Railway Stations and Station Code of Goa State

Sr. No.PlaceCodeStation Name
2Vasco da GamaVSGVasco da Gama
15Sanjuje Da AreySJDASanjuje Da Arey
17Sanverdam ChuchSVMSanvordem Curchorem

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Madgaon Railway Station (MAO)

Madgaon Railway Station

It is fairly easy to reach Goa via the Madgao Station as it is one of the major station in Goa. This railway station is well linked with Mumbai as well as other main cities in India. Trains go back and forth every day from and to Madgao Station. 

The Station Code of Madgaon Junction railway station is MAO. The station has some good facilities such as changing rooms, restrooms as well as several seating areas. There is also free wifi for people waiting in line for their trains to arrive. 

The Madgaon Railways falls under the jurisdiction of the Karwar Railways of the Konkan Railway line in Goa. 

This railway terminal junction has a direct rail connection with many of the cities in India, from Delhi to Mumbai and Bangalore as well as all the other smaller states. 

Madgaon Railway Station timetable


Train NameTrain No.ArrivesDepartsStop timeSMTWTFS
Mao Hapa Special(09533)Starts10:40-----Yes-
Pnbe St Premium(09056)16:3000:00450 min---Yes---
Ltt Mao Special(00113)05:00Ends-Yes-----
Mao Ltt Special(00114)Starts01:00Yes------
Ltt Mao Ac Special(01229)14:25Ends----Yes--
Mao Ltt Ac Special(01230)Starts15:00----Yes--
Newdelhi Ac Express(04095)07:3507:4510 min----Yes--
Ten Ltt Express(01068)12:4512:5510 min--Yes----
Mao Mas Special(06002)Starts13:15-Yes-----
Velankanni Express(07315)15:0015:022 min-----Yes-
Vlnk Vsg Express(07316)01:3001:355 min-Yes--Yes--
Mao Ganpati Special(01045)14:10Ends----Yes--
Ltt Ganpati Special(01046)Starts14:40----Yes--
Cstm Mao Special(01033)14:10EndsYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Ltt Mao Ac Special(02113)12:00Ends----Yes--
Ljn Ltt Ac Special(02114)00:0017:101030 min------Yes
Nzm Pune Premiu(04014)10:5011:1525 min----Yes--
Madgaon Express(02636)22:15EndsYes------
Adi Majn Superfast Special (09420)13:0013:1010 min-Yes-----
Ypr Vsg Superfast Express(02683)11:5512:005 min------Yes
Vsg Ypr Express(02684)15:1515:205 minYes------
Ahmedabad Express(09419)03:2003:3010 min--Yes----
Ltt Ten Special(01067)01:4501:5510 minYes------
Cstm Ers Special (01065)01:4501:5510 min---Yes---
Ers Ltt Express(01066)12:4512:5510 min---Yes---
Cstm Ganpati Special(01034)Starts14:40YesYesYesYes-YesYes
Vsg Vlnk Express(07323)13:0013:2525 min---Yes---
Vlnk Vsg Express(07324)20:30 20:4010 min----Yes--
Vsg Sbc Link Express(02779)15:4515:505 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ubl Vsg Link Express(06948)05:4005:455 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Goa Express(12779)15:4515:505 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mas Vasco Express(17311)11:5512:005 min-----Yes-
Mandovi Express(10103)18:50EndsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express(10111)10:45EndsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mandovi Express (10104)Starts09:15YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Bikaner Ac Express(22476)03:5004:0010 min------Yes
Vsg Ypr Express(06578) 23:2023:255 min--Yes----
Vsg Vlnk Express (07325)08:3008:4010 minYes------
Vlnk Vsg Express(07326)20:3020:4010 min-Yes-----
Goa Sampark K Express(12450)14:15Ends-Yes----Yes
Matsyaganda Express(12620)20:3020:4010 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Matsyagandha Express(12619) 01:2501:3510 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Maq Intercity E(22635)Starts16:15YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Trivndrm Rajdhani(12432)12:3212:4210 minYes-YesYes---
Porbandar Express(19261)03:5004:0010 minYes------
Madgaon Ers Express(10215)Starts21:30Yes------
Madgaon Express(10216)03:15Ends-Yes-----
Rajdhani Express(12431)10:0010:1010 min--Yes-YesYes-
Goa Sampark K Express(12449)Starts11:20--YesYes---
Hapa Madgaon Express(22908)04:30Ends----Yes--
Mao Hapa Superfast Express(22907)Starts10:40-----Yes-
Bkn Cbe Ac S F (22475)13:1013:2010 min----Yes--
Dadar Ten Express (22629)06:2006:3010 min-----Yes-
Madgaon Express (22636)14:00EndsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ltt Kcvl Express (22113)02:1502:2510 min--Yes---Yes
Pune Ers Superfast Express(22150)05:4505:5510 minYes--Yes---
Mangalore Express(12133)07:0007:1010 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Veraval Express(16334)11:2011:3010 min-Yes-----
Mngla Lksdp Express(12618)19:1019:2010 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Gandhidham Express (16336)11:2011:3010 min--Yes----
Ypr Vasco Express(17309)05:1505:205 minYes-Yes----
Vlnk Vsg Express(17316)05:1505:205 min--Yes----
Vsg Howrah Express(18048)07:4507:505 minYes-Yes-YesYes-
Okha Express (16338)11:2011:3010 min---Yes-Yes-
Ten Dr Express(22630)03:5004:0010 min---Yes---
Kerla S Kranti(12218)20:5521:0510 min---Yes-Yes-
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express(22634)08:5509:0510 min-----Yes-
Kcvl Bvc Express(19259)11:2011:3010 min----Yes--
Kochuveli Express(19262)22:1022:2010 min----Yes--
Maru Sagar Express(12977)11:1011:2010 minYes------
Vsg Chennai Express(17312)15:1515:205 min----Yes--
Ltt Garib Rath(12202)01:2001:3010 minYes---Yes--
Hapa Express(19577)03:5004:0010 min-YesYes----
Poorna Express(11098)13:4014:2545 min-Yes-----
Kcvl Garib Rath(12201)02:1502:2510 min-Yes---Yes-
Mumbai Express(12134)18:4018:5010 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ers Pune Express(22149)17:1017:2010 min--Yes--Yes-
Mangala Ldweep(12617)03:0003:1010 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Bikaner Express(16312)11:2011:3010 min------Yes
Ypr Biweekly Express(17310)21:2021:255 min-Yes----Yes
Bvc Kcvl Express(19260)07:3007:4010 minYes------
Velankanni Express(17315)09:3009:355 min-Yes-----
Kcvl Ltt Superfast Express(22114)17:1017:2010 min-Yes--Yes--
Vrl Tvc Express(16333)107:3007:4010 min----Yes--
Ddn Kcvl Superfast Express(12288)22:1022:2010 min-Yes-----
Sampark Kranthi(12217)01:2001:3010 min-Yes----Yes
Amritsar Express(12483)01:2001:3010 min---Yes---
Amaravathi Express(18047)13:5514:005 min-YesYes-Yes-Yes
Hapa Ten Express(19578)23:3523:4510 min-----YesYes
Nizamuddin Express(22633)08:1508:2510 min---Yes---
Poorna Express(11097)13:0013:1515 min------Yes
Bkn Kcvl Express (16311)07:3007:4010 min--Yes----
Okha Ers Express(16337)07:3007:4010 min-Yes----Yes
Vsg Patna Express(12741)19:4020:0020 min---Yes---
Nagercoil Express(16335)07:3007:4010 min-----Yes-
Maru Sagar Express(12978)13:1013:2010 min-----Yes-
Pnbe Vsg Express(12742)08:0008:2020 min------Yes
Mao Ltt Special(00112)Starts12:30-----Yes-
Ltt Mao Special (00111)12:20Ends------Yes
Netravati Express(16345)23:0023:1010 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Asr Kcvl Express(12484)22:1022:2010 minYes------
Kcg Ypr Express(17603)13:5514:005 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express(10112)Starts18:00YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Netravathi Express(16346)04:5505:0510 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mao Doubledeckr(11085)17:50EndsYes--Yes-Yes-
Ltt Doubledecker(11086)Starts05:30-Yes--Yes-Yes
Goa Express(12780)05:4005:455 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Nzm Rajdhani(22413)Starts11:00YesYes-----
Nzm Mao Raj(22414)14:20Ends-----YesYes
Nizamuddin Express(22653)18:2518:3510 min------Yes
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express(22654)21:0021:1010 min-Yes-----
Tvc Nzm Express(22655)18:2518:3510 min---Yes---
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express(22656)21:0021:1010 min-----Yes-
Dehradun Express(22659)02:1002:2010 min-----Yes-
Ddn Kcvl Superfast Express(22660)22:2522:3510 min-Yes-----

Vasco Da Gama Railway Station (VSG)

Vasco Da Gama Railway Station

Vasco Da Gama Railway Station ( code – VSG ) is another Major and prominently accessed station in Goa. 

The Vasco Da Gama station was part of the Marmagao via Vasco railway line. This line was hence previously known to be the main rail – line in the state, up until the main Konkan Railway line began in the year 1998.

The jurisdiction of the Vasco rails comes under the southwestern zone of Hubli, which now defers from the Madgao line. To check out which trains run to and from this station, I highly recommend that you check our ClearTrip or MakeMyTrip as these are some of the sites that will offer you a viewing of the trains and timings to Goa. 

There are also a lot of hotels such as OYO chain of hotels surrounding this station in case you need a place to stay after you arrive via Vasco Rails. Vasco is a beautiful and relaxed place compared to other cities, and some of the things worth seeing there are Bogmalo beach as well as the Naval Museum in Vasco as you arrive in Goa.

Vasco Da Gama Railway Station Timetable

Train NameTrain No.ArrivesDepartsStop timeSMTWTFS
Velankanni Express(07315)Starts14:10-----Yes-
Vlnk Vsg Express (07316)03:15Ends-Yes--Yes--
Nzm Pune Premiu(04014)11:4000:00740 min----Yes--
Ypr Vsg Superfast Express(02683)13:00Ends------Yes
Vsg Ypr Express(02684)Starts14:30Yeses------
Vsg Vlnk Express(07323)Starts12:00---Yes---
Vlnk Vsg Express(07324)21:30Ends----Yes--
Vsg Sbc Link Express(02779)Starts15:10YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ubl Vsg Link Express(06948)06:30EndsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Goa Express(12779)Starts15:10YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mas Vasco Express(17311)13:00Ends-----Yes-
Vsg Ypr Express(06578)Starts22:45--Yes----
Vsg Vlnk Express(07325)Starts07:50Yes------
Vlnk Vsg Express(07326)21:30Ends-Yes-----
Ypr Vasco Express(17309)06:00EndsYes-Yes----
Vlnk Vsg Express(17316)06:00Ends--Yes----
Vsg Howrah Express(18048)Starts07:10Yes-Yes-YesYes-
Vsg Chennai Express(17312)Starts14:30----Yes--
Ypr Biweekly Express(17310)Starts20:45-Yes----Yes
Velankanni Express (17315)Starts09:00-Yes-----
Amaravathi Express(18047)15:05Ends-YesYes-Yes-Yes
Vsg Patna Express(12741)Starts19:05---Yes---
Pnbe Vsg Express(12742)08:55Ends------Yes
Kcg Ypr Express(17603)15:05EndsYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Goa Express(12780)06:3000:001050 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Karamali Railway Station (KRMI)

Karamali Railway Stations

Moving on to our last Major station in Goa, we finally come to the Karmali Railway Station, which is some just about 8 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. Hence this is a perfect platform and station to those who want to visit Panaji or the nearby areas of the Capital of Goa, which includes Old Goa.

The Station code of Karmali goes by (KRMI). This station also is after Pernem and Tivim when you enter through the North of Goa as its more in the central zone. Karmali is also under the jurisdiction of the Konkan Railway lines

Old Goa is around 2km away from karamali railway station. Old Goa has a number of the oldest and beautiful Churches in Goa and India. Some of the churches here are huge and all closely located to one another.

From the other four this station may be comparatively smaller in size however its gaining popularity 

Karamali Railway Station Timetable

Train NameTrain No.ArrivesDepartsStop timeSMTWTFS
Pnbe St Premium0905614:3014:322 min---Yes---
Ltt Mao Special0011304:2004:222 min-Yes-----
Mao Ltt Special0011401:3401:362 minYes------
Ltt Mao Ac Special0122912:2012:222 min----Yes--
Mao Ltt Ac Special0123015:3215:342 min----Yes--
Ten Ltt Express0106813:2013:222 min--Yes----
Mao Ganpati Special0104512:5012:522 min----Yes--
Ltt Ganpati Special0104615:1515:172 min----Yes--
Cstm Mao Special0103312:5012:522 minYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Ltt Mao Ac Special0211311:2811:302 min----Yes--
Ljn Ltt Ac Special0211417:3817:402 min------Yes
Nzm Pune Premiu0401410:1010:122 min----Yes--
Ltt Krmi Ac Special0100111:00Ends----Yes--
Krmi Ltt Ac Special01002Starts14:00----Yes--
Adi Majn Superfast Special0942012:2012:222 min-Yes-----
Ahmedabad Express0941904:0804:102 min--Yes----
Ltt Ten Special0106700:2800:302 minYes------
Cstm Ers Special0106500:2800:302 min---Yes---
Ers Ltt Express 0106613:2013:222 min---Yes---
Cstm Ganpati Special0103415:1515:172 minYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Karmali Shatabdi Special0200116:30Ends-----Yes-
Cstm Shatabdi Special02002Starts06:00------Yes
Ltt Premium Special02046Starts11:55----Yes--
Mandovi Express1010317:1917:201 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express1011109:2709:281 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mandovi Express1010409:5109:521 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jan Shatabdi Express1205113:5000:00610 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jan Shatabdi Express 12052 00:0014:50890 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Goa Sampark K Express1245013:0013:022 min-Yes----Yes
Goa Sampark K Express1244911:5211:542 min--YesYes---
Veraval Express1633412:0012:022 min-Yes-----
Ltt Garib Rath1220202:0402:062 minYes---Yes--
Kcvl Garib Rath1220101:3801:402 min-Yes---Yes-
Vrl Tvc Express1633306:1406:162 min----Yes--
Mao Ltt Special0011213:0013:022 min-----Yes-
Ltt Mao Special0011111:1211:142 min------Yes
Netravati Express1634522:1822:202 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express1011218:3118:321 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Netravathi Express1634605:4705:481 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mao Doubledeckr1108516:2516:305 minYes--Yes-Yes-
Ltt Doubledecker1108606:0006:055 min-Yes--Yes-Yes
Ltt Krmi Ac Superfast2211511:00Ends----Yes--
Krmi Ltt Ac Superfast22116Starts13:00----Yes--
Nizamuddin Express2265319:1019:122 min------Yes
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express2265420:0820:102 min-Yes-----
Tvc Nzm Express2265519:1019:122 min---Yes---
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express2265620:0820:102 min-----Yes-

Pernem Railway Station (PERN)

The third station, which is the Pernem Railway station. This station’s location is in Virnoda – Nagzor, a place of North Goa. The Station code regarding the Pernem Station is (PERN). 

Some trains that pass through this station include; The well known ‘Mandovi Express’ to Bombay and back as well as other cities. The Konkan Kanya Express, another popular train, Konkan Kanya Exp. Another one is the Goa Smprk K Exp, and Ltt Kcvl Express are just a handful to the rest which have not been mentioned. 

This railway line comes under the jurisdiction of the Konkan Railway as well. 

The town of Pernem is in North Goa and is under the Karwar railway division. As mentioned above, it comes this division comes under the Konkan Railway, a part of the zone of the Indian Railways.

The position of this railway is (59 ft) above the sea level. This station consists of two platforms. 

The Airport in Dabolim is 38 kilometers at a distance from this railway station.

The Pernem railway station is also popular since it is close to the beaches in the north of Goa such as Arambol, Mandrem and Morjim. 

Pernem Railway Station Timetable

Train NameTrain No.ArrivesDepartsStop timeSMTWTFS
Pnbe St Premium(09056)13:3813:402 min---Yes---
Ltt Mao Special(00113)03:4003:422 min-Yes-----
Mao Ltt Special(00114) 02:0402:062 minYes------
Mao Ganpati Special(01045)12:1412:162 min----Yes--
Ltt Ganpati Special(01046)15:4615:482 min----Yes--
Cstm Mao Special(01033)12:1412:162 minYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Ltt Karmali Special(01039)01:3000:001350 min-Yes-----
Ltt Ganpati Special(01040)00:0010:40640 min--Yes----
Cstm Ganpati Special(01034)15:4615:482 minYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Mandovi Express(10103)16:4116:421 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express(10111)08:5208:531 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mandovi Express(10104)10:2410:251 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Goa Sampark K Express(12450)12:0812:102 min-Yes----Yes
Goa Sampark K Express(12449)12:2012:222 min--YesYes---
Ltt Kcvl Express(22113)01:1801:202 min--Yes---Yes
Nzm Tvc Superfast Express(22634)07:0207:042 min-----Yes-
Kcvl Ltt Superfast Express(22114)18:1818:202 min-Yes--Yes--
Nizamuddin Express(22633)09:2409:262 min---Yes---
Konkan Kanya Express(10112)19:1019:111 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Thivim Railway Station (THVM)

Thivim Railway Station

Having just two platforms to its name, the Thivim Station is by far the most important stop for trains coming in from the North into Goa. People wanting to travel North passing the Mandovi River, this is the ideal station to do so. This station is close to the taluka of Bardez, a poplar taluka in Goa. 

Tivim (Thivim) Railways was built on the rail route of India only after the Konkan Railway was structured in the 1990’s. 

The Konkan Railway links the two major cities of Mumbai and Mangalore to the west of India. On the west coast of India. This railway line passes through the Western Ghats high in the mountains of India. It also has around 90 tunnels and over a hundred bridges on its route to the west. The Konkan Railway via Thivim connects to It connects to the stations in Maharashtra as well as Karnataka. 

One of the highlighted facilities on offer at Thivim station is the Shravan Seva, which is a service that looks after senior citizens and to help the carrying of their luggage. 

If you want to visit to Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach and Candolim Beach than Thivim railway station is the nearest station.

Thivim Railway Station Timetable

Train NameTrain No.ArrivesDepartsStop timeSMTWTFS
Mao Hapa Special(09533)11:2811:302 min-----Yes-
Pnbe St Premium(09056)14:0014:022 min---Yes---
Ltt Mao Special(00113)03:5203:542 min-Yes-----
Mao Ltt Special(00114)01:5201:542 minYes------
Ltt Mao Ac Special(01229)12:0012:022 min----Yes--
Mao Ltt Ac Special(01230)15:5015:522 min----Yes--
Newdelhi Ac Express(04095)08:3008:322 min----Yes--
Ten Ltt Express(01068)13:4213:442 min--Yes----
Mao Ganpati Special(01045)12:2812:302 min----Yes--
Ltt Ganpati Special(01046)15:3215:342 min----Yes--
Cstm Mao Special(01033)12:2812:302 minYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Ltt Mao Ac Special(02113)11:0011:022 min----Yes--
Ljn Ltt Ac Special(02114)17:5617:582 min------Yes
Nzm Pune Premiu(04014)09:4809:502 min----Yes--
Adi Majn Superfast Special(09420)12:0012:022 min-Yes-----
Ahmedabad Express(09419)04:2604:282 min--Yes----
Ltt Ten Special(01067)00:0800:102 minYes------
Cstm Ers Special(01065) 00:0800:102 min---Yes---
Ers Ltt Express(01066)13:4213:442 min---Yes---
Cstm Ganpati Special(01034)15:3215:342 minYesYesYesYes-YesYes
Karmali Shatabdi Special(02001)15:5015:522 min-----Yes-
Cstm Shatabdi Special(02002) 06:1606:182 min------Yes
Mandovi Express(10103)16:5516:561 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express(10111)09:0609:071 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mandovi Express (10104)10:0710:081 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jan Shatabdi Express(12051)13:0213:042 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jan Shatabdi Express(12052)15:0415:062 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Goa Sampark K Express(12450)12:2212:242 min-Yes----Yes
Goa Sampark K Express(12449)12:0812:102 min--YesYes---
Hapa Madgaon Express(22908)02:2202:242 min----Yes--
Mao Hapa Superfast Express(22907)11:3011:322 min-----Yes-
Dadar Ten Express(22629) 05:2005:222 min-----Yes-
Mngla Lksdp Express(12618)17:5617:582 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Okha Express(16338)12:2012:222 min---Yes-Yes-
Ten Dr Express(22630)04:4604:482 min---Yes---
Kcvl Bvc Express(19259)12:2012:222 min----Yes--
Maru Sagar Express(12977)12:0812:102 minYes------
Mangala Ldweep(12617)04:0904:101 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Bvc Kcvl Express(19260)05:5605:582 minYes------
Okha Ers Express(16337)05:5605:582 min-Yes----Yes
Vsg Patna Express(12741)20:4220:442 min---Yes---
Maru Sagar Express(12978)12:0012:022 min-----Yes-
Pnbe Vsg Express(12742)05:2005:222 min------Yes
Mao Ltt Special(00112)13:2213:242 min-----Yes-
Ltt Mao Special(00111)10:4010:422 min------Yes
Netravati Express(16345)22:0022:022 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Konkan Kanya Express(10112)18:5418:551 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Netravathi Express(16346)06:0506:061 minYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mao Doubledeckr(11085)16:0016:055 minYes--Yes-Yes-
Ltt Doubledecker(11086)06:2006:255 min-Yes--Yes-Yes
Nzm Rajdhani(22413)11:5411:562 minYesYes-----
Nzm Mao Raj(22414)13:2013:222 min-----YesYes


Railway Station in Goa Near Baga Beach

The nearest railway station to Baga Beach is Thivim Railway Station. It is located approximately 22 km away from the Baga and Calangute beach.

From Thivim Railway Station, you can take a shared bus to Mapusa and then hire a scooter to reach Baga Beach. Prepaid taxies are also available at Tivim Railway Station.

Railway Station in Goa Near Panjim

The nearest railway station to Panjim is Karmali Railway Station. It is approximately 13 km away from Panjim.

You can take a taxi or a bus from Karmali Railway Station to reach Panjim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Railway stations in Goa

How to reach Goa by train?

The state of Goa has around 19 different railway stations spread across its entire area, from the far North to the southern tip. However, we are going to elaborate on the 5 Major Railway Stations in Goa in this informative article. From the five stations we will present to you, first are the two biggest ones, namely; Margao Station and Vasco-da-Gama Station. These two are both popular and both are stationed in the south of Goa.

Which is the main railway station in Goa?

It is fairly easy to reach Goa via the Madgaon Station as it is one of the major station in Goa. This railway station is well linked with Mumbai as well as other main cities in India. Trains go back and forth every day from and to Madgaon Station

Which station is best for Goa?

Madgao is the best station in Goa. The station has some good facilities such as changing rooms, restrooms as well as several seating areas. There is also free wifi for people waiting in line for their trains to arrive.

Is Ola available in Goa?

No Ola or Uber in Goa. However, Goa Tourism Department has launched a Taxi booking App known as Goa Miles.

How many railway stations are there in Goa?

The state of Goa has around 19 different railway stations spread across its entire area, from the far North to the southern tip.

Which railway station is near to Calangute Beach?

Thivim is the nearest railway station from Calangute, which is approx 15 km away. Other nearest station is Karmali approx. 25 km from Calagute.

How many trains originate from Madgaon Railway Station?

Around 14 trains originate from Madgaon railway station i.e. Mao Hapa Special (09533) , Mao Ltt Special (00114), Mao Ltt Ac Special (01230), Mao Mas Special (06002), Ltt Ganpati Special (01046), Cstm Ganpati Special (01034), Mandovi Express (10104), Maq Intercity E (22635), Madgaon Ers Express (10215), Goa Sampark K Express (12449), Mao Hapa Superfast Express (22907), Mao Ltt Special (00112), Konkan Kanya Express (10112), Ltt Doubledecker (11086).

Madgaon Railway Station falls under which Railway zone?

The Madgaon Railways falls under the jurisdiction of the Karwar Railways of the Konkan Railway line in Goa.

What is the Indian Railway station code for Madgaon Railway Station?

Station Code of Madgaon station is MAO.


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