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Best Time to Visit Goa

Are you looking to come to Goa for a vacation and wondering what would be the best time to visit Goa? Then this is just the page for you! Here, we will provide you with a summary of all the times (Weather in Goa) in the year you can visit Goa.
Goa, like most other states in India, has three major seasons;

  1. Winter season (October – February),
  2. Monsoon season ( June – September)
  3. Summer season (March to May).

All these seasons are fun in their unique way, and after reading and going through the summary of what each of these unique seasons offers you in Goa, you can then decide which season most suits you for a trip to the beautiful home of Goa.

1. Winter Season in Goa (October – February)

Winter Season best time to visit Goa

A majority of people prefers the winter season in Goa since the weather is just right, not too hot, nor too cold.
In the winter season, the air is more still, and there is less movement of a breeze, which makes the sea a calm and relaxing. Tourists who come to Goa during the winter season spend a lot of time on the beaches, enjoying the fresh feel of sea water.

The beaches in Goa are at their most prestigious state during the winters in Goa (Oct – Feb) and there are many water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving events held at the beaches in this season.

The shacks also open up in Oct, after being closed for the long monsoon period, and there is a buzz around the beach areas; mainly the Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Ashvem, Mandrem and Palolem.

The cool atmosphere during the winter season also allows tourists to enjoy some site seeing around Goa without sweating too much. So winter season is best time to visit Goa for party lover and festal celebration. For the party and festive lovers, winter season is the best time to visit Goa

However, an important note to keep in mind while visiting Goa in the months of October to February is the fact that all the prices of hotels, shacks and other leisure’s tend to go up, especially at the beach and touristy areas of Goa.

Festivals During Winter season

The winter season in Goa is also considered the peak season as it is the main festive season in Goa.

Celebration of Christmas, New Years and other parties like sunburn and supersonic are very popular celebrations here in Goa. Let’s not forget about IFFI (International Film Festival of India) which is held in Nov every year in the capital of Goa, ‘Panaji’ and is another major attraction for tourists to come and visit Goa in the winter. Other events such as serendipity art festival is also held in Panaji in December adds to the colour and glamour in the capital city of Goa.

At the end of the day you have to decide, are you willing to exceed your budget to enjoy the exciting festive time in Goa? Or would you prefer visiting during the less crowded time of year?

Either way, Goa will still be beautiful and welcoming to you. Read on if you want to know the perks of visiting Goa during the other seasons.

Weather in Goa During Winter Season

Average Cloud and Humidity from last one year

Average Cloud and Humidity in Goa

Advantages of Visiting Goa in Winter Season

  1. Cool and Nice whether
  2. Catch Festival Season
  3. Enjoy Water Sports
  4. Christmas and New Year Celebrations
  5. All beach Shacks are open during this season

Things to do during Winter Season in Goa

  • Discover all Old Goa Heritage sights : Old Goa has a number of the oldest and beautiful Churches in Goa and India. Some of the churches here are huge and all closely located to one another. A trip down to Old Goa is breath-taking as you will see some beautiful architecture and artistry while seeing these magnificent pieces of work.
  • Sunbath at the Beach : Sunbathing is an excellent option at the beach, with many shacks offering beds with adjoining umbrellas. Tourists can also enjoy a body, head or foot massage at the beach. There are numerous well-established Shacks and Inns around the beach, all serving rich Goan Food. Fish Curry Rice is the Goan Speciality at most of the restaurants in each of these Shacks
  • Enjoy Water Sports: Most of the beaches are offering a variety of spectacular water sports such as Parasailing,  Jet skiing, Catamaran sailing, Banana rides, Surfing, Bump rideetc
  • Visit Cruises: The cruises available in Goa, give you many options including a river cruise experience, a dinner cruise experience, a party cruise experience and much more. The best of the lot is surely the sunset cruise experience, which involves going out into the Mandovi River till you reach the Rivers mouth at Miramar Beach, where you will be ignited with the blaze of the sun setting across the horizon.

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2. Monsoon Season in Goa (June – September)

Mansoon Season best time to visit Goa

If you’re looking for the perfect beach holiday, then visiting Goa in the monsoon season, is not the best idea. Many of the shacks along the beaches will be closed during the months from June to September due to the heavy, non – stop rains.

However, if you’re a nature lover and enjoy the wet rainy weather, filled with greenery and lushness all around, then Goa is the most beautiful place on earth to visit during the monsoons.

During this season you will experience a different type of Goa, known only by the local people. Everything is green and has a special aura to it. The churches and monuments during the rainy season look a whole lot better!

Also, another big plus point is the fact that the waterfalls in Goa are at their full flow during the monsoons. Tourists can visit the famous Dudhsagar waterfall during this season, for an extra special experience as the waterfall looks its best during this time.

The crowd in Goa is also relatively less during the monsoons, which makes Goa a more relaxing and calmer place, this also brings the rates of hotels and other attractions down considerably since there are less tourists during the monsoon months.

The rains in Goa also brings in a special festival known as ‘Sao Joao’ (Feast of St. John the Baptist) which is one of the most enjoyable and unique festivals held in India. The festival is celebrated all over Goa by the locals along with tourists who join into the fun.

So if you want a unique taste of the chilled lifestyle of Goa, I recommend coming to Goa in the monsoons season to refresh your soul and spirit with the freshness of the rains.

Weather in Goa During Mansoon Season

Average Rainfall from year 2010

Weather in Goa during Mansoon Season

Advantages of Visiting Goa in Mansoon

  1. Less Crowded – More relaxing and calmer place
  2. Good discounts on Hotel
  3. Great time to explore Goa on motorbike
  4. Feast of ‘Sao Joao’ (St. John the Baptist) – on 24 June

Places to visit during Monsoon Season in Goa

Visit Waterfalls during the Monsoons 

There is no better occasion to visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls or other waterfalls such as the Aravali waterfall during the rainy season. The monsoon season makes the waterfall blossom and shows its true beauty. Every waterfall in Goa looks ten times better when visited during the monsoons! 

Visit Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries in the monsoon 

The wildlife sanctuaries are definitely the best places to visit in Goa in monsoon. Some of Goa’s popular wildlife sanctuaries include Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.

Visit Spice Plantations in Goa during the monsoons

If you are looking for something different and fun to do in Goa in monsoon season, then the spice plantations are the perfect place to visit. The Savoi spice plantation is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Goa during the monsoon that can be reached through a serene drive along the verdant valley and tropical forests. This is an offbeat place to visit if you have explored most of the touristy places here and are wondering what to do in Goa during monsoon season.

Try your luck at Casinos

Goa finds itself home to a number of River Casinos, all situated in Panaji, along the River Mandovi. A lot of tourists do come to Goa, just to experience the gaming scene provided by these casinos.

3. Summer Season in Goa (March-May)

Summer Season best time to visit Goa

We’ve Spoken About visiting Goa in the winter and the monsoons, let us now take a brief look at what it would be like for tourists visiting Goa in the hot summer season.

The activities on the beach areas begin to diminish during this season and the prices of hotels are generally very low and favorable for tourists who prefer visiting during this time.

More heat means a lot less crowd, so if you’re looking for a lot more peace and calmness, then visiting Goa in the summer is a good idea. Many foreigners visit Goa during the summer time, as they like to enjoy sunbathing in the heat far away from the cold foreign lands that they’ve been staying in for so long.

The summer in Goa also conducts some beautiful festivals like, ‘The Goa Carnival’ and ‘Sigmund’ both these festivals bring in some flavor to the humidity of the summer. The carnival in Goa begins in March every year and is held for about a week, held in different parts of Goa on different days. The carnival makes Goa stand out from the other parts of India, and it attracts tourists from all over the world showcasing some fantastic performances. For carnival and fun lovers summer season is the best time to visit Goa!

Weather in Goa During Summer Season

The summer in Goa starts in March and ends in the early days of June. This season brings a huge rise in temperatures and the seas usually tend to get a bit rougher.

Temperature in Goa from last one year

Temprature in Goa


Advantages of Visiting Goa in Summer Season

  1. Pay cheaper price for Hotels and Resorts
  2. Great discount on Tour and sightseeing
  3. Enjoy water sports
  4. Best time to soak in the Sun
  5. Best festival time

Factors to Consider during Goa Visit

Personal Preferences and Interests

Tailor your trip based on whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration.

Budget Considerations

Evaluate costs, as peak season rates may be higher compared to the off-peak and monsoon months.

Special Events and Festivals

Plan around major events if you want to witness Goa’s vibrant celebrations.

Accommodation Availability and Rates

Book accommodations well in advance, especially during peak season, to secure the best options.

Activities and Attractions

Research which activities and attractions are open during specific seasons to optimize your itinerary.

Insider Tips for a Memorable Visit in Goa

Packing Essentials Based on the Season

Pack sunscreen, light clothing, and swimwear for peak season, and include rain gear and mosquito repellent for the monsoon.

Recommended Activities During Each Season:

Engage in water sports during peak season, explore local markets in the off-peak months, and enjoy nature’s beauty during the monsoon.

Local Cuisine Recommendations

Try traditional Goan dishes like seafood delicacies and local curries, adapting your choices to the seasonal ingredients available.


If you have already been to Goa during one of the following season winters, summer or monsoons, I suggest you make a trip back again here, and this time visit Goa during a season that you haven’t visited before. This will expand your experience of reality, giving you new memories and new places to visit.

Remember, for the party and festive lovers winter season is the best to visit Goa! For romantic nature lovers, monsoon probably gives you the best experience, and for carnival and fun lovers summer season in Goa is the best pick! So take your time and pick your choice and head over to Goa, for the most memorable holiday of your life!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Best time to visit Goa

When is the best time to visit Goa for a beach vacation?

For an ideal beach vacation, plan your trip between the months of November and February. During this period, Goa experiences sunny days, clear skies, and comfortable temperatures. The beaches are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and engaging in water sports.

What is the peak tourist season in Goa?

The peak tourist season in Goa spans from November to February. During these months, the weather is pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). This season attracts a large number of tourists due to various festivals, vibrant nightlife, and a bustling atmosphere.

Is Goa worth visiting during the monsoon season?

Yes, visiting Goa during the monsoon season, which occurs from June to August, can be a unique and enchanting experience. While rainfall is heavy, the landscape transforms into a lush green paradise. The romantic ambiance, misty mornings, and vibrant flora make it an appealing time for couples and nature enthusiasts

Are accommodations more expensive during the peak tourist season?

Yes, accommodations in Goa tend to be more expensive during the peak tourist season (November to February) due to high demand. It's advisable to book your accommodations well in advance to secure the best options and rates.

What are the benefits of visiting Goa during the off-peak season?

Visiting Goa during the off-peak months of March to May and September to October offers several advantages. With fewer tourists, you can enjoy a quieter and more relaxed vacation. Accommodation rates are often more budget-friendly, and you can explore local markets, historical sites, and serene beaches with ease.

Are there any health concerns during the monsoon season in Goa?

During the monsoon season, which brings higher humidity and rainfall, it's important to take precautions. Mosquito protection is essential due to increased mosquito activity, and food safety measures should be followed to avoid any health issues.

What are indoor activities to enjoy in Goa during the rainy season?

While the monsoon may limit outdoor activities, there are plenty of indoor options to explore. Visit museums, art galleries, and historic sites to delve into Goa's rich cultural heritage. Indoor markets and shopping areas are also excellent places to spend time during rainy days.

How can I avoid crowds while experiencing Goa's attractions?

To avoid crowds, plan your visits to popular attractions during weekdays and consider arriving early in the morning. This strategy allows you to explore the sites with fewer tourists and fully appreciate the beauty of Goa.

What should I pack for a trip to Goa based on the time of year?

For the peak season (November to February), pack light and comfortable clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, and sunglasses. During the monsoon, include rain gear, umbrellas, and mosquito repellent.

Can I enjoy nightlife in Goa during the off-peak season?

While the nightlife scene might be quieter during the off-peak months, some popular nightclubs, bars, and beach shacks remain open, offering a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy at Tittos Lane Calangute.


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