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Learn Konkani Language

Konkani is the mother tongue and state language of Goa.

Around 57% of the population speak the Konkani language currently in Goa.

It is easy to understand and learn Konkani language as one can find a lot of English to Konkani translations.

Listed below are some of the basic phrases and words which can be used during your visit in Goa.

Basic Conversation in Konkani

Basic Conversation in Konkani

Good Morning: Deu boro dis dium

What is your name? : Tuchem naum kitay?

My name is (______): Mojem naum (____)

Where do you come from?: Tu koyee-san yet-ai?

I come from (_____):  Mau zo gao (_____)

Thank you: Deu borem korum

Useful Questions in Konkani during Goa Visits

How are you (male)? Tu  Koso asai?

How are you (female)? Tu Koshem-asa?

May I take a photograph? Hau eek foto kaadum?

Can you help me? Mhoji modot korshi?

Can you tell me? Maka saangshi?

May I have? Maka meutolem?

Do you know where he is? Tu zaanoi toh khoi assa?

When will he be back? Toh kednaam porot yetolo?

Do you speak English? Tum Inglez uloitai?

What is the time? Kitlim voram zaleant?

General Phrases in Konkani

I am tired: Hav Chod thokla

I feel sick: Mhojea jivak borem dissonam.

I am happy:  Hav Chod kooshi

I love Goa: Maka Goemcho mog asa

I don’t understand: Hanv sozmonam

I have to go: Maka vosoonk zai

Good evening: Deu bori sanz dium

Good night: Deu bori raat dium

Important Basic Words in Konkani

Important Basic Words in Konkani

Sorry: Maaf kor

What: Kitem

Where: Khuim

Why: Kiteak

Please: Upkar koroonc

Yes: Hoi

No:  Na

Good: Borem

Goodbye:  Adeus

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Useful phrases for finding hotels and getting around Goa

Can you get me a taxi? Maka ek taxi haadshi?

How much does a taxi charge? Taxik kitley bhaade ghetai?

Where can I catch the bus to (Panjim)? (Panjim) bus koe thamta?

How far is the bus stop? Bus stop kitley pois assa?

How do I go there? Thuim hao kosso vossoonk?

Does this bus go to (Mapusa)? Ee bus (Mapusa) voita?

Which bus goes to (Calangute)? Khuichi bus Calangute vetaa?

How long will it take?  Kitlo vogoth laagtolo?

When does the bus leave? Bus kitleyanc sotta?

Have we arrived in (Candolim)? Aami (Candolim) paulay?

How much to (Baga) (Baga) vossoonk kitlay potollay?

How many kilometers is it to (Baga)? (Baga) kitlay pois asa?

Drive more slowly! Sossegade Cholay!

I want a room for a day:  Maka eke dissak room zai

I would like a single / double room:  Maka single / double bed room zai

What is the charge per day? Eke dissak kitley poishay?

How to Say I love You in Konkani?

The translation for “I love you” in Konkani is “Hav tuzo mog kortam”

How are you in Konkani

How are you? (Male) : Tu Koso Asai?

How are you? (Female) : Tu Koshe Asai?

Tuna Fish in Konkani

Tuna Fish is called Bugde in Konkani.

Useful phrases in Konkani Eating and Drinking

I am hungry:   Maka bhook lagleah

I am thirsty: Maka taan lagleah

Where can I get some snacks? Maka khaunk ‘snacks’ khuim meltolem?

Water:  Oodok

No ice: Borof naka

No sugar: Saakor naka

I do not want it spicy: Maka tik naka

The food is good: Jevon borem aasa

Useful Konkani phrases for Shopping

Useful phrases in Konkani for Shopping

Do you sell cashew nuts? :  Tumi kaju bhieo viktaat?

How much? :  Kitlem?

Too expensive!:  Ekdom mar-rog!

I don’t want it :  Maka naka

I want… :  Maka zai…

Have you got another one like this? :  Oslem aneek assa?

I’ll take this :  Haon hem ghetam

Do you take credit card? :  Tu credit card ghetam?

Can I pay in dollars / pounds? :  Mhojean pounds voh dollaraani faarik koroonc zata?

English to Konkani words related Relationships

Father :  Pai (In Christian), Bapui (In Hindu)

Mother :  Mai (In Christian), Avoi (In Hindu)

Son :  Poot

Daughter :  Dhoo

Grandfather :  Shapai (In Christian), Aazoh (In Hindu)

Grandmother :  Shamai (In Christian), Aajee (In Hindu)

Grandson :  Naathu

Granddaughter :  Naath

Father-in-law :  Saasupai

Mother-in-law :  Saasumai

Son-in-law :  Zaavaim

Daughter-in-law :  Soon

Wife :  Baile/ Gorkarn

Husband :  Ghov/ Gorkar

Child (male) :  Bhurgoh

Child (female) :  Bhurguem

Children :  Burgim

Man :  Dadlo

Woman :  Baile / Naari / Ostori

Boy :  Chedoh

Girl :  Cheduu

Adopted boy :  Posko

Adopted girl :  Poskem

Relative (boy) :  Soiro

Relative (girl) :  Soiri / soirem

Land owner :  Baatkaar

Human being :  Moonis

Proprietor :  Paatranv

How to speak numbers in Konkani?

One:  Ek

Two : Donn

Three : Teen

Four : Char

Five : Panch

Six : Sow

Seven : Sath

Eight : Aatt

Nine : Nau

Ten : Dha

Twenty : Vees

Thirty : Tees

Fourty : Cha-lish

Fifty : Pon-nas

Sixty : Satt

Seventy : Sottar

Eighty : Voishim

Ninty : Novot

Hundred : Shem-bor

One Hundred and Fifty : Ded-shem

Two Hyndred : Don-sheem

Five hundred : Paanshim

One Thousand : Ek-hazar

Two Thousand : Donn-hazar

Time in Konkani Language

Now :  At-ants

Later on :  Maagir

Today :  Aiz

Yesterday :  Kaal

Tomorrow :  Fal-yam

The day before yesterday :  Poi-r

The day after tomorrow :  Porvaam

Morning :  Sokalim

Afternoon :  Donpara

Evening :  Sanje

Night :  Raat

How to speak Days in Konkani?

Monday  :  Somaar

Tuesday : Munglar

Wednesday : Boodhwar

Thursday : Brestar

Friday : Sookrar

Saturday : Shenvar

Sunday : Aeetar

How to speak months in Konkani?

January  :  Janer

February : Febrer

March : Mars

April : Aabril

May : Mai

June : June

July : July

August : Aagost

September : Setembr

October : Otubr

November : Novembr

December : Dezembr

How to say 'I love you' in Konkani?

Hanv Tujo Mog Korta

What is the meaning of Maka Naka go?

I don’t want

How do you say I miss you in Konkani?

Maka Tujo Ugdas Yeta

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