Chandor Goa- Ancient Capital of Goa

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Chandor is a very well known, traditional Goan village lying on the banks of the river Kushavati, just about 10 km away from Margao, in the South district of Goa.

The village of Chandor Goa is liked by many people who come to Goa, because of the Portuguese culture it displays vibrantly around its streets.

It overflows with heritage and culture, showing us what Goa was back in the day.

The beauty of Chandor lies not just in its architectural beauty but also in the landscape surrounding it. It is surrounded by vast green hills and fields full of crop and plantations.

History of Chandor Goa

Goa was ruled by many dynasties before the Portuguese came in and colonized Goa as their own.

Some of these known dynasties that had come to Goa during the historical years, were the Bhojas, Mauryas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Shilaharas, Kadambas, Yadavas, Bahamanis, the Vijayanagara and Adilshahi dynasties.

The village of Chandor, before it’s cultural shift, was actually known as ‘Chandrapur’ and was back then the capital of the ‘Kadamba dynasty’ that ruled in Goa between the period of the 6th and 11th centuries.

Chandrapur or (Chandor) was the capital under the ‘Kadamba rule’ until the year of 1054, which was when the Kadambas moved to Goa Velha (Old Goa).

When the Muslims invaded Goa, the Kadamba moved back to Chandrapur (Chandor), but were again driven away by the Portuguese invasion.

After the Portuguese came into power they started demolishing all the old Hindu temples and in place started constructing churches and chapels.

The relentless Portuguese rulers completely whipped of the Hindu culture which was part of the village of  Chandor (Chandrapur), and in order to save themselves, some of the Kadamba dynasty and local folk all escaped by running away from the village.

However despite the changes that have taken place in this ancient village during the past years from the invasion of Muslims and other dynasties, to finally the invasion of the Portuguese, Chandor still holds a vital place in Goa, being one of the most cultural places here, showing you the rich heritage and culture that adorned Goa after the 11th century.

Some of the beautiful things you can still see at visiting this ancient village are; a fort, a headless statue of the divine ‘Nandi Bull’ and the famous Menezes Braganza House among other well know things and places here.

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Menezes Braganza House Chandor Goa

The house is situated in the Chandor, and it is known to be more than 350 years old. The Menezes Braganza House is located near the church square in the village of Chandor.

This Portuguese styled mansion is the most exquisite heritage house in the entire state of Goa, and is also the biggest here.

It has a Portuguese style façade and is now a museum opened to public, showcasing chandeliers, painting, porcelain, crystal, period furniture and other antique items.

According to the family history at the Braganza House, it is said that, in the 17th century A.F.S. Braganza was representing Goa under the Portuguese Government as a Vice consul general in Spain.

He was gifted this land by the king of Portugal, Don Luiz on which the Menezes Braganza House is now located.

Later the house was divided into two equal part as it was inherited by two sisters in the family. It was named after their husbands one is Menezes Branganza (west wing) and another Braganza Pereira (East wing) and is still inhabited by descendants of these two families.

The ‘Menezes Braganza House’ represents a Portuguese style outer facade that gives entry to both wings of the mansion.

The entire house comprises of a total of 24 windows throughout the mansion and is also known to be the longest in Goa.

The house is made up of laterite stone and has a delicious looking garden outside with mosaic seats, tables and a few fountains as well.

Entry Fee to visit Menezes Braganza Pereira house

There is no entry fee required in order to visit this magnificent museum – house and tourists can visit the house anytime between 9 am to 5 pm.

For the maintenance of this heritage mansion, there is a small box where you can leave some money at your discretion.

Best Places to visit in Chandor Goa

The other poplar places for tourists to see and experience while they visit the village of Chandor in Goa are
1. The Fernandes Heritage House

2. The Nagesh Love Forest

3. The Old Shiv temple with the famous Nandi Bull

4. The Buddha Hill.

How to reach Chandor by Train, Bus, Car and Air

You can reach Chandor by bus from Panaji or from Margao bus terminals by catching a bus from the Panaji or Margao bus stops.

You can also reach Chandor by hiring a taxi from the Dabolim Airport or the nearest railway station which is in Margao.

It will take approximately an hour to reach Chandor by road from Panaji and around 15mins from Margao.

The railway station in Margao is about 10km away from the village of Chandor.


Visitors and tourists who come to Goa and want to see the rich heritage and culture, must surely visit Chandor and take a look at the Menezes Braganza House and the Fernandes House. These two places will give you the best insight to the culture of the Indo – Portuguese era that took place in Goa.

A walk around Chandor Goa will fill you up with new experiences and memories that you will surely hold close to your heart for a very long while.

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