Big Foot Goa Museum- Must visit Place at Loutolim

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Big Foot Goa, one of the hidden treasure in the quaint village of Loutolim, in the southern part of Goa, lies this magical, mystical place.

It is situated 9 kilometers away from Madgao. It is one of the top places for tourists to visit if they want to feel the taste of what the true nature of the Goan life looks like.

Big Foot is an open-air museum, showcasing and taking you through the historic events and upbringing of the Goan people.

Big Foot Museum Loutolim

It is a place where one can observe the Goan cultures, traditions, foods, stories and lifestyle of the Goans through the years of civilization. Big Foot will not leave you empty-handed, because once you reach the center of this wonderful little cultural museum, you will arrive upon the exact location of where the imprint of the big foot lies, allowing you to take a wish back home, which many say come true.

Big Foot Goa Story

Big Foot Goa, Story Behind Big FootThere was once a man called Mahadar who was filled with prosperity and richness. Mahadar was a kind and helpful soul and wanted to help those in need using his wealth and goods.

He used to often help all the poor villagers in need of some money and resources by providing them with whatever he could manage.

However, a lot of the villagers were crooked people and wanted to take advantage of Mahadar’s generosity, and therefore would pretend to be poor, just to gain some extra wealth from Mahadar. The villagers would ask him for money and goods, even if they had plenty, just to take advantage of him.

One day, Mahadar ran out of all his wealth and prosperity and was forced to sell his house and live on the streets.

Even though Mahadar had helped almost all the people in his village, in return they all refused to help him and left him on the street without food or shelter.

Mahadar then turned to God and prayed, asking God to grant him with a simple place to stay where he could pray daily for the people who had wronged him.

God heard his prayers and gave Mahadar a rock instead of a home. Mahadar did not curse or complain; he stood on the rock with one foot and began to pray.

God saw the purity in this man and decided to take him to heaven to give him the life he deserves. The footprint of Mahadar’s foot remained on the rock leaving a footmark behind.

This footmark is said to be a holy blessing to those who come and pray here, fulfilling anyone’s wishes.

This is the story of Big Foot and anyone visiting this place can go and pray near the foot-mark of Mahadar.

Things to see and do at Big Foot Goa

Big Foot Goa

Big Foot serves as a museum and homage to the historical evolution of Goa.

It shows a display of the Goan spices, fruits, vegetable, medicines and herbs along with a beautiful butterfly park, a cactus garden and a rubber plantation.

Many educational tours for children in schools are held at Big Foot so that the children learn about the events, history and tradition of Goa.

At one end of the open air museum lies the ‘Big Foot Art Gallery’, which is a place where the art and photography work of many artists are on display.

Along your journey at Big Foot, you will be taken across a number of installations and real-life structures, explaining to you through a visual experience about the Goan fisherman, Goan farmers and also on how feni and urak (Goan drinks) were both created from cashew.

It is an engaging experience for youngsters to learn about how man used whatever tools they had to create something new and to live a simple life.

At Big Foot, one can also observe a lot of Hinduism and Catholic installations, which come together to bring unity in humanity.

Indian’s Longest Laterite Sculpture Sant Mirabai

Big Foot

Indian’s Longest Laterite Sculpture Sant Mirabai is seen strumming an Ektara, this monolith measuring 14x 15 meters has been chiseled in Greco-Roman style from laterite stone by Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares in a record-breaking 30 days.

The Sculpture shows Influence of the Gandara school of art, the kumkum on the forehead, the pattli on her wrists and the paisona around her ankles give the sculpture a Characteristic Goan appeal.

One also notices a particular type of ornament called fullam (golden flowers) worn by Goan Hindu women distinctly adoring Mirabai’s head.

A lotus and the sun on the tambori adds to the mysticity of Sant Mirabai. This work has been cited In the Limca Book of Records as the longest laterite sculpture in India.

Big Foot Goa website

Places to visit near Big Foot Goa Loutolim

Loutolim is a village filled with Ancestral and traditional Goan artifacts and monuments. It has a number of famous churches and quaint Goan-Portuguese styles houses.

Apart from “Big Foot” one can see some other interesting places like; ‘Ancestral Goa’, which is another museum showcasing Goan pottery, dance and details of the Goan villages.

Casa AlvaresNear this is another famous place known as ‘Casa Aroujo Alvares’ an 18th century Portugues Mansion.

All these places are open for tourists interested in learning and expanding their growth. Other interesting places at Loutolim include; Saviour of the world church, The Figueiredo Mansion and the Garca Banca botanical garden.

Not far from Loutolim in a place called Nuvem Goa lies “Froggyland” a water park to get soaked and have fun in the heat of Goa.

Big Foot Goa Timing

Big Foot Goa opens at 9 am every day and closes at 6 pm. It is open every day of the week, including Sundays.

Big Foot Goa Timing

Big Foot Goa Entry Fee is Rs. 100/- per person.

How to reach Big Foot Goa

Getting to Loutolim from the Dabolim Airport requires you to drive a 30km distance. You can catch a bus from Dabolim or hire a taxi.

The closest Railway station to Loutolim is the Margao Railway Station which is a nearer 9km distance. There are several places to stay at Loutolim, including Granca Branca, Figueredo’s Inn, and Casa Susegada.

You can also choose to stay in Margao, and drive up to Loutolim for a visit whenever you would like.


Feel free to visit this beautiful landscape of Goa, which will take you back into time, and guide you through the norms and cultures of Goa, in the years gone by.

Big Foot Goa is the best place to visit if you are hungry for learning about civilization and events of history.

Also, do not forget the most important thing! You can even fulfill any of your wishes by praying near the Holy Big Foot within this wonderful museum. Until next time, hope to see you in Goa soon, and safe journey.


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