Mysterious Places in Goa – Netravali Bubbling Lake

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Netravali Bubbling Lake

The Netravali Bubbling Lake known more famously as the “Bubble Lake” or the Budbud and Budbudyachi Tali, is situated in the peaceful village of Netravali. This lake at Netravali is famous for its bubbles.

These bubbles rise continuously to the surface in various places in the lake. Strangely enough, they also appear to respond to certain sounds and rise faster if you clap!

The Netravali Lake is a lake known more profoundly to be similar to that of a pond. It has granite steps leading to it. There is also a huge granite pedestal in the center of the lake.

The lake/pond is a place of religious significance for the local peoples, not merely for the lake, but also the nearby Gopinath Temple.

History of Netravali Bubbling Lake

Netravali (bubbly lake) is an artificial lake that would have been constructed anywhere between 300-400 years back.

It is a freshwater lake and gets water from its underground springs. The lake has an outlet at one end from where the water goes out and is used by the farmers around the area for a crop.

The lake is said to have a layer of sand that was stuffed below the surface.

The sand beneath the lake sustains aquatic plants on its base that emit methane gas. When this gas tries to escape, it comes up in the form of small bubbles.

The Gopinath Temple

The nearby Gopinath temple at the lake is also a worthwhile visit. The temple houses an idol of Lord Krishna, who was the Lord of the Gopis and is therefore known as Gopinath.

The original idol that was in this temple since the 14th Century has since been moved to the Goa State Museum in Panaji.

The current idol depicts Lord Krishna playing the flute under the ‘kalpavriksha’; the divine, wish-fulfilling tree in Hindu mythology.

The temple showcases visitors it’s a simple and ancient structure.

The four pillars are carved with motifs in the Silhara-Kadamba pattern which are similar to those found at Tambdi Surla.

Behind the temple are rock-carved niches where Shivlings are kept and worshiped by the local people.

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Places to visit near Netravali Bubbling Lake

Netravali is a place worth a visit, not only for the ‘Bubbling Lake’ but also for the other gems hidden here as well.

Usgalimal Stone Age rock carvings which have great archaeological and historical significance are around this area as well.

Executed as they are on the ground itself, the carvings are unique and pre-date all else in Goa.

Other aquatic attractions in this area include the Salaulim dam and the Savari waterfall.

Salaulim Dam

The Salaulim Dam is a very uniquely shaped dam compared to other dams across India. It has a unique design of semi-circular channel which forms a cascade of water which flows into the Salaulim River.

Savari Waterfall

The Natravali or ‘Savari Waterfalls is a place that attracts nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts from all over India and the world.

In the same taluka, but some distance away lies the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and it’s a most famous attraction, the Dudhsagar Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in India.

The famous Jama Masjid is also located in the Sanguem taluka and is a popular Muslim place of worship in Goa.

How to get to Netravali Bubbling Lake

The Bubbling Lake is about 52 Km away from Margao and about 79 Km away from Panaji.

The nearest airport is Dabolim and Nearest Railway is Margao Railway Station.


Whether you are planning to see the waterfall at Netravali or the lake, either way, this place is just picturesque heaven of a place situated in the far south end of Goa.

It’s beautiful naturist feel and wonderful atmosphere, really allows nature lovers to experience the sheer joy of nature and wildlife. 

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