Miramar Beach – Most Popular beach around Panaji

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Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is the most popular beach amongest the locals as well as tourists visiting Goa.

Since the beach is located in Miramar, a few kilometers away from Goa’s Capital, it is very easily accessible for the locals staying around the area, as well as tourists who may be staying in the hotels, in and around Panaji.

Miramar Beach was first known as the ‘Porta de Gaspar Dias‘ Beach which was originally named by the Portuguese.

Years later, after the Portuguese rule ended, the name ‘Miramar Beach’ was put forth as the beach’s name.

Things to do at Miramar Beach

Kids Activity

Known to be the favorite evening spot for families residing around Panaji, Miramar Beach is filled with families and their kids, who come here for a relaxing outing during the evenings, after work.

The beach is filled with children attractions, like slides as well as a tunnel of a fish, which the kids find fascinating.

The beach is also a very popular place for youngsters around the area who come and unite at the beach every day to play a variety of beach sports.

The famous beach sports are played at the beach include; volleyball, soccer, skipping, gymnastics, American football and quite a few more.

Daily Exercise

The beach is also home for daily exercise, as the sand is quite flat and the beach stretch is pretty long, and one can see a lot of men, women, and youngsters going for an evening stroll, or a run.

Water Sports and Sunset at Miramar Beach

The Cabo Raj Bhavan Hillock is another place famous for having adventure activities and is not far off from Miramar Beach. Many water sport activities can be enjoyed here at this place.

The tourists who come to Goa, enjoy the picturesque view of the beach, along the Mandovi River, and also enjoy a swim in the Arabian Sea. Tourists can also opt to go out into the sea by one of the cruises that regularly go to see the dolphins.

Miramar Beach

The beach is an ideal place to hold events by the Goans, as it is spacious and central to the Goan Crowd and touristy destinations, and every day there are various events held at the beach displaying creativity as well as art and performance.

Street Food at Miramar Beach

The beach area has a lot of eating joints and street food, like Chaat, Shawarma and Corn. Besides these, the stretch of Miramar has so many dining options to wet your palate.

There are a lot of local shops around Miramar and Panaji selling souvenirs and Goan takeaways, including cashew nuts.

Best Restaurants near Miramar Beach


1. Peep Kitchen

Live Music Performances

Speciality – Butter Chicken, Bangkok Chicken, Sea Food, Chicken Biryani, Mocktails

Address – Risara Luxury, Taleigao Market Road, Next to Bank Of Baroda, Panjim – 403001,

2. Sagar View

Speciality – Tandoori, Biryani and Seafood dishes

Address – New Miramar Donapula Road, Caranzalem, Goa – 403002, Near Audi Showroom

3. Café Basil

Speciality – Sandwiches, Barbeque Chicken, Nachos, Coffee, Cheesy Fries, Veg Burger

Address – Estrocio Residency, Tonca, Panjim – 403002

4. Hogworth

Speciality – Chinese ,North Indian ,Continental ,Goan

Address – La Campala main road, Road Lane 3, Panjim, Goa – 403001

Attractions and Places around Miramar Beach

1. Goa Science Centre

Just about 2-3 kilometers away from Miramar, lies the Goa Science Centre, which is mainly a science museum built under the initiative of Indias National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) and Goa Department of Science Technology & Environment.

The Science Centre at Miramar, Goa, is a project built to spread the awareness of science and bring it to the locals to be observed and experimented.

Its primary objective is to teach the younger generation about the modern, historical, and future of science in the world.

2. Gaspar Dias Club

Another popular place for sports, events, and activities at Miramar, is the Gaspar Dias Club, also known as the Club Tennis de Gaspar Dias which offers many facilities to people.

3. Panjim Market

The Panaji Market is a very popular place to go to, to find a lot of Goan specialties at excellent rates. The market is just a few kilometers away and can be reached by hopping onto a local bus from Miramar Beach.

4. Panjim Church -Our lady of Immaculate Conception Church

Panjim Church

It is one of the oldest churches in Goa, first built in the early 1540’s. It’s one of the first churches built in Goa by the Portuguese clan and holds the second largest bell, only behind that of Se Cathedral Church of old Goa.

To get to where the church is one has to climb a flight of stairs, taking you all the way up to the main entrance.

You will find the climb worth it, as once you’ve reached the top of the church, you can see the most spectacular view of the city of Panaji.

Apart from these places, tourists can travel around Panaji and Miramar and explore the beauty of Goa; exhibiting a lot of beautiful churches, gardens and site seeing spots, like Reis Magos Fort which is across the Mandovi River.
Shops and Eating places around Miramar Beach

How to get to Miramar Beach

There is only one main road from Panaji to Miramar, which is a straight stretch and just a few kilometers from the main Panaji bus stand.

Tourists can catch a bus from Panaji bus stand or anywhere along the Panaji – Miramar road. The ride from Panaji to Miramar takes about 15 mins.

People coming by air can go directly to Panaji, by either bus or taxi, and then from there, it’s just a straight forward road to Miramar which can be reached again by a local bus or cab.

Those coming by rail should preferably get down at Karmali Station which is the nearest station (13 Km from Miramar) to Miramar and will take about 30 mins to get to Panaji from Karmali.


What better place to come and visit while at Goa, then Miramar beach. Centrally located, and just a few kilometers away from the Capital, it’s one of the cleanest beaches.

Unique in its way, Miramar beach allows tourists to see many activities and fun happenings that occur daily at the beach.

They can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the south end of the Goan Capital; Panaji and bathe in the peaceful ambiance of the Susegad Goa.

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